Register for 4G Mobifone network package with attractive offers

With just a simple texting syntax, you can own an attractive 4G mobile data plan. With many attractive offers from the network operator on data capacity, unlimited voice messaging combo. So you don’t need to worry about extra charges when you sign up for a 4g mobi package. (Vietnamese: Cách đăng ký 4g mobi)

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Package M79 Mobi
- Free 100 minutes of on-net voice calls.
- Free 20 minutes of domestic voice calls with no additional fees.
- Free 4GB high speed data.
- Compose a message with the following syntax: 5G M79 to 9084
- Package price: 79,000 VND/30 days

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M10 Mobi package
- Free 50MB high speed data using internet.
- Compose a message with the following syntax: 5G M10 to 9084
- Package price: 10,000 VND/30 days
Package C120 Mobi
- Free 4GB data/day (120GB/30 days).
- Free all on-net calls < 20 minutes.
- Free 50 minutes of off-net voice calls for 3 days.
- Compose a message with the following syntax: 5G C120 to 9084
- Package price: 120,000 VND/30 days

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With preferential information about attractive packages above, you can already register to use 4G packages. Wish you a successful registration and have a great experience with our service.

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